The refinery "SMOLENSKIY NPZ"
engages in the Production and wholesale of oil
petroleum and petrochemical products (light and dark).

We manufacture produce and extract petroleum and petrochemical products such as Aviation kerosene JP 54, diesel fuel D2, Mazut fuel oil, Bitumen, as well as gas, LPG and LNG.

All products produced and supplied by JSC «SMOLENSKIY NPZ″ has high quality meets the requirements of GOST and is accompanied by the passport of quality on each shipment of our party.

ALERT AND WARNING! JSC SMOLENSKIY NPZ do hereby use this means to inform and warn the general public both our domestic and foreign buyers against any transactions with cloned, unauthorized market impostors and fake representatives company trading with our company name, with forge fictitious export proposals for gas and petroleum products sales on the Internet websites and through electronic-mails claiming to be acting on behalf of JSC SMOLENSKIY NPZ such as JSC NADYMNEFTEGAZ. +7495 500 6687, +7926 932 8640. JSC SMOLENSKIY NPZ does not have any legitimate business relations and agreements with this fake impostors, unauthorized traders and unapproved representatives companies. JSC SMOLENSKIY NPZ will not be responsible towards any risk related to the use of any Information places on the mentioned websites. We hereby inform and warn the general public to report directly in case you receive any commercial proposal or documents relating to JSC SMOLENSKIY NPZ to our official email address (

Petroleum products of SMOLENSKIY NPZ

The JSC «SMOLENSKIY NPZ» offers oil products at good prices. Refined in high quality we task ourselfes and organization in providing the local and international market the products that meet accepted standards. Our priorities are high level of service and reliable partnership relations with clients, professionalism and impeccable reputation. You are welcome in partnership and purchase of crude oil from «SMOLENSKIY NPZ»:

  • We work officially with all clients, because we believe transparency of its activities;
  • A wide range of high quality products (gasoline, winter and summer diesel fuel, crude oil, Mazut fuel oil, petroleum solvent), possible sale of petroleum products in bulk quantities
  • Counseling, assistance in choosing the optimal type of fuel;
  • A strong partnerships with major representatives of the oil products market;
  • Direct contracts with manufacturers, correspondence delivery terms;
  • flexible price and credit policy.

Wholesale sales of petroleum products

We Have a well established sales of petroleum products wholesale, so you can always negotiate with us on favorable terms. High-quality fuel is our reliable advantage. The special Department of the company regularly monitors the quality of delivered products, so the problems with petrol or fuel oil does not occur. At all stages of the product has a strict quality control.

If you are interested in wholesale supplies, please contact our company. We offer you to buy oil on the good, favorable terms - call on telephone +7 (499) 391-94-26, and we will process your application in a short time!